Not all accident repair costs are visible

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How we reduce your accident repair costs

21st May 2014

When you consider only 58% of an accident cost is actually repairing the vehicle, you can imagine the savings you will make when partnering with Selsia Vehicle Accident Centres. We are the ideal partner for every type of car, van and truck operator. Annually, we are directing thousands of repairs into our UK wide network and are regularly delivering much lower than national, average repair costs as well as reducing vehicle off road times.

Whether you are a commercial fleet, leasing, insurance, claims management or rental company, dealing directly with a centrally managed, approved  repairer network like Selsia will reduce your accident repair costs. We also believe we can reduce your administration and handling costs by up to 20% simply by letting us manage your accident repairs on your behalf. At Selsia, we specialise in getting your vehicles quickly and safely repaired so you can have them back on the road where they belong.

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