About Selsia

shutterstock_153593327Established by a management team with extensive experience in the accident repair industry, Selsia is a centrally managed multi-site accident repair network. The company was founded with the objectives of shortening the accident repair supply chain, reducing vehicle loss of use and removing unnecessary costs for vehicle fleet operators. Quite simply, we’ll take over the hassle and complications involved in managing accident repairs, no matter how big and diverse your fleet is.

We deliver our services through an extensive, carefully selected, audited and approved network of accident repair centres right across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Selsia coordinates over 190 approved accident repair centres to deliver an outstanding level of accident repair support for all of our clients. We are also a members funded network which means no management charges are passed onto our clients.

We offer a comprehensive range of accident repair services from incident notification to final invoicing. Our model works exceptionally well for:

  • Business-critical fleets
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • Fleet management companies
  • Leasing companies
  • Daily rental companies
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Local authorities

With Selsia, you are dealing directly with us, the repairers, which means we will keep your repair costs down while minimising vehicle loss of use. We offer quality, guaranteed repairs to cars, vans and commercial vehicles as well as a wide range of services from accident repairs and end of lease inspect and repair services to the largest of commercial vehicles’ refurbishment and re-branding programmes. Regardless of the size of your fleet, you can be confident that Selsia will take care of your vehicles and drivers and be a valuable partner to your business.

Achilles Community – UVDB

Selsia is a qualified supplier on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Data Base (UVDB) supply chain community which brings together buyers and suppliers from the same industry sectors. This  community model helps companies find and win new business by matching suppliers with relevant buyers through an efficient pre-qualification process.

Buyers and suppliers trust Achilles as an independent, collaborative and neutral partner. Their neutrality adds value for all stakeholders – buyers trust the validation and accuracy, and suppliers welcome Achiles’ role in supporting a fair and transparent procurement process.


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