One in four choice lists offer cars from manufacturers new to the UK

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16th May 2024

One in four fleets (25%) have choice lists offering company cars to their drivers from manufacturers new to the UK, while a similar proportion (23%) are considering doing the same.

A further fifth (21%) told the Arval Mobility Observatory that they would be willing to operate vehicles from these manufacturers once they become more established.

The figures, taken from the 2024 Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer, reflect the changing dynamic of the company car market, particularly with electrification.

Shaun Sadlier, head of Arval Mobility Observatory in the UK, said: “The electric vehicle revolution on fleets and post-pandemic production shortages have already meant some quite substantial changes when it comes to which manufacturers businesses are willing to add to their choice lists.

“Car and van makers with strong BEV (battery electric vehicle) propositions and shorter waiting times have dramatically increased their presence in the last few years.”

Fleet News recently reported how Chinese manufacturers are accelerating plans to expand into the global market as they seek to forge a sustainable and profitable future.

Faced with an intensely competitive home market, with more than 200 car and van manufacturers jostling for supremacy, Chinese brands are keenly eyeing Europe and the UK as an important growth target.

“A large number of manufacturers new to the UK are entering the car market, mainly from Asian countries but also from the US and elsewhere, and our responses suggest fleets are taking them seriously,” Sadlier explained.

“In total, 69% are open to the idea of adding these new entrants to these choice lists either now or in the medium term. That shows a very high degree of potential acceptance.”

Electrification is redrawing which manufacturers have the potential to become major players in the fleet sector in the coming years.

Sadlier concluded: “The door appears to be very much open for newer entrants to make their mark if they are able to provide the kind of high quality, attractive vehicles with strong running cost profiles that the fleet sector demands.

“However, it is also clear that well-established manufacturers are determined to stay relevant in the company car sector, with many offering impressive product choices and moving rapidly away from traditional ICE technology. It’s promises to be an interesting few years ahead.”

How will the emergence of new manufacturers impact on your fleet vehicle purchasing?


Already include them on our choice list                                                   25%

Considering including them on our choice list                                          23%

Will wait until they are more established                                                  21%

Will not include them for the foreseeable future                                       14%

Don’t know                                                                                                17%


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One in four choice lists offer cars from manufacturers new to the UK

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