Fleet operators

Fleet operators

Having a vehicle off the road can cost a company up to £500 per day. This is why at Selsia, we focus our efforts on getting your time-critical fleet vehicles quickly and safely repaired and back into service. In addition to faster repair cycle times, Selsia also reduces the costs involved in your accident repair management process. Fleets working with Selsia experience reductions in the amount of costly administration involved in finding repairers, progress chasing repairs, checking estimates, multiple invoice processing and management information assimilation. We can offer reduced repair costs from nationally agreed labour rates parts and refinishing paint prices as well as our repair over replace policy wherever possible. The ultimate saving with Selsia is that unlike other companies, we do not charge you for managing your accidents as we are financed by our approved repairer network.

Selsia is experienced in managing fleet accidents for a broad range sectors including facilities management, vehicle rental and hire, construction, civil engineering, water utilities, news and food distribution, letter and parcel deliveries, vehicle management and leasing, claims solutions, DIY and food wholesalers.

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