Selsia shows its green credentials

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3rd August 2017

Selsia is experiencing a growing demand from its fleet clients for recycled parts to be used to keep repair costs down as well as to support eco-friendly and green credentials.

In response to this demand, Selsia specifies to its approved repairers, where possible, Euro Car Parts’ RE-NEW range to be used, including light commercial vehicle doors as well as headlamps at substantially reduced cost to Selsia’s fleet clients.  All of ECP’s superior recycled parts undergo vigorous quality control checks, have less than 1 unit of preparation work and are delivered to Selsia’s repairers in specially designed packaging.

In addition, to help the Selsia network source recycled parts, the Autofinity Parts Platform is now available to use. This Parts platform is a time saving way for Selsia’s approved repairers to source reduced cost parts from trusted suppliers – and ensure they are the correct parts for the vehicle. Recycled parts can be procured through the platform currently, while from September, repairers will also be able to source new parts at a reduced cost which are supplied from other repairers. All recycled parts come with a 12 month guarantee.Eco-friendly

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