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2nd March 2020

Running a fleet of vehicles is not exactly the easiest job in the world. Having accidents is inconvenient and costs could easily spiral out of control. Neil Marcus, Selsia’s Marketing Director offers a few tips to fleet managers on how to manage costs as far as accident repair management is concerned. 

Review the accident repair centres you are using
Vehicles should be repaired for the next accident. Use PAS 125, BS10125 and manufacturer approved repairers as they are regularly inspected and audited.

Reduce in-house accident repair management
42% of the cost of an accident is taken up in administration and the job can fall to employees who do not have skills in this technical area. If you can outsource this at no cost to the business, do it.

Reduce the time taken progress chasing repairs
You need experienced people to challenge repairers to ensure that your vehicles’ loss of use times keep to a minimum.

Review your average repair costs compared to industry averages
The average repair cost in the UK currently is £1,864 for cars and vans according to AudaStats. Paying over the average can affect your claims’ history and is detrimental to cash flow if you are self-insured.

Reduce end of lease bodywork damage costs
Leasing companies will hit you hard for bodywork damage which is beyond BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines. Make sure repairs are rectified prior to off-leasing.

Have standard repair rates across the UK
If you are not centrally managing your accident repairs, repair rates will vary. The average labour rate is currently £36.44 per hour, less if you outsource to a repair management company.

Monitor loss of use times
Having a vehicle off the road could cost your business up to £500 per day including hires. Monitor key-to key times and review management information and KPIs.

Use mobile repairers where practical
Using mobile repairers will reduce loss of use, lower your repair costs and exposure to end of lease penalties.

Review authorisation times
Understanding estimates calculations needs experience and the ability to challenge. Consider giving delegated authority and challenge the time it takes for your insurer to authorise repairs.

Do not burden your finance department with multiple repairer accounts
If you are using repairers across the country, your finance department will be receiving invoices from many repairers. Reducing this cumbersome process with one invoicing source will help your efficiencies.

Ensure that you have access to real-time repair status
Use cloud-based real-time information to help reduce the number of calls you make chasing up repairs.

Ensure that you can report incidents out of hours
It’s essential that you can report accidents 24 hours a day in order that the repair process can begin as soon as possible.

Make sure that you are getting the best price for your salvage
Make sure you get several bids for your salvage to get the best price and your damaged vehicles should be collected free of charge, prior to the free storage period expiring.

Reduce the amount of time sourcing replacement vehicles
Ensure that you work with a company which can provide a range of vehicles which will suit your business.

Improve your cash flow with respect to uninsured losses
Work with a reputable uninsured loss recovery company (Selsia also offers this service). They can often recover more than 100% of your losses as well as improve your cash flow if you have paid up front for hires, for example.
Neil Marcus

Marketing Director, Selsia



Close Up Of Two Cars Damaged In Road Traffic Accident

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