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6th July 2020

According to the RAC, traffic volumes in the UK are approaching levels seen before lockdown began. The motoring organisation says it has seen a “steady increase” in traffic levels since lockdown restrictions were first eased on May 13, although the roads are still a little quieter than before the coronavirus crisis hit. According to figures from the RAC black box insurance data, there was a 19 percent increase in vehicles on the road between the first week of lockdown and last week. On average, the RAC says vehicles are now doing twice the weekly distance they were covering at the end of March.

As the roads become busier, there will be an increase in accidents and it’s essential that any damage which renders your vehicles illegal to be on the roads should be attended to asap. Also, if your vehicles are stood down, you might wish to consider tidying up any damaged bodywork to ensure they maintain their values and look good on the road.

Selsia is open for business. If you are currently a Selsia fleet client, you’re already set up on our system, so simply continue to use our 24 hour service by calling us on 0845 468 6800 (option 1). If you would like to find out more about how we can centrally manage your fleet’s accident repairs and get you set up on our system, call us on 0845 468 6800 (options 4 or 5).


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