Our services

Our services

The financial, commercial and hidden costs to your business of having accident damaged cars and time-critical vans and trucks off the road can be considerable. Having a vehicle off the road could be costing you up to £500 per day. When you outsource your accident repair management to Selsia and our UK network of approved accident repair centres, you will quickly notice a significant reduction in your repair costs, administration and vehicle off road times. Working with your team, we’ll prepare a comprehensive service level agreement which we will implement through our online repair management platform to ensure you can benefit from a consistent level of service and repair rates right across the UK. We offer a broad range of accident repair support services which include:

  • Centrally managed accident repair services
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year assistance
  • Accident reporting app
  • Nationwide recovery
  • Repair deployment and progress chasing
  • Estimate governance
  • Standard repair rates across the UK
  • Consistent service levels across the UK
  • Central procurement
  • Recycled, green parts if required
  • Graphics and re-branding coordination
  • Safe, high quality repairs to cars, EVs, vans and commercial vehicles
  • Windscreen repairs and replacement
  • Repair over replace where possible
  • Mobile repair services
  • Central invoicing
  • Online repair management and CAPS compliance
  • Nationally connected online repair management portal
  • Specialist commercial vehicle network
  • Claims management services
  • Automated CSI service

A summary of your benefits:

  • We keep your vehicles on the road
  • Reduced accident repair costs
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Enhanced management controls and budgeting
  • Shortened supply chain and time saving
  • Reduced vehicle loss of use
  • Corporate responsibility compliance
  • High service levels across the UK
  • No hassle finding good repairers
  • Repair control online at your fingertips
  • No management charges

Find a Selsia repair centre:

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